How to use the market calls table

From today I will be posting the market calls for the next trading day .As I have mentioned before, being a swing trader these are short term calls and they may not be suitable for your trading style. Please read the disclaimer before taking any decision on the strategies mentioned.

The most important thing in the table is the “SWING” column, it indicates the current swing direction and it is advised that we should trade in the direction of the swing

Next is "SAR" or the Stop and Reverse point , if the price touches that level, the current swing direction changes to the other direction (that will be reflected in the next post)

Then comes the column “Low risk entry ” this is the approximate level where the stock / index will retrace to during intraday trade,failing to reach this point during intraday trade means momentum is HIGH (in the direction of swing)

Then we have a “Target ” level ,which is simply a point that I expect the stock/index should reach if the trend is strong during intraday, failing to touch this level indicates a possible chance of reversal or LOSS of momentum (in the direction of swing)

That’s all about the table; I believe it’s very simple to understand. I would like to repeat that the most important column for a swing trader is “Swing” and “SAR” as long as that remains intact we can enter at any point (intraday over sold level)or book profits at any level(intraday overbought level) for long positions and opposite in case of short positions.But we should carry the position for the next day as suggested by 'swing' column provide SAR is not breached

For intraday trades you should trade in direction of the 'swing' and enter at "low risk entry"point with a possible target at the levels mentioned in the "target" column.You can modify this approach and trade as per your risk appetite or daily profit expectation but only in direction of  "Swing"

These levels and SAR work best in trending markets / stocks,ranging markets will give whipsaws.So try to avoid stock in consolidation phase or trade with less volume or use oscillators extremes to enter and exits out of trade.

Since SAR is a trailing stop,you will end up giving back some of your profits always.That is a basic disadvantage of trailing stop loss order.For best trading results you need to book profits near "target" and re-enter near "low risk entry" zone.Although I have given precise points as "SAR","low risk entry" and "target" you need to watch that zone and react as per prevailing market conditions.

Always wait for prices to become stable as the markets opens and put in your stops 10-15 minutes after market opens.Enter intraday trades as you see prices stalling,that skill will come from practice.

If you have a counter view to the current swing it is best to wait on the sidelines or trade with less volume with strict stop-loss for a short duration.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask
Good luck.

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  1. very useful indeed.....good service to the traders anuj ji......regards !

  2. Hi rajiv...
    I noticed your comment just now while checking my mails...thanks for your feedback
    Good luck

  3. thanks anuj sir for solving rs query

    u said

    Where RS = (average closing price of 14 days/period of up closes)/(average closing price of 14 days/period down closes)

    it is the same as -

    Where RS = (average closing price of 14 days'period of up closes)/(average closing price of 14 days,period down closes)
    this is what the excel sheet of urs say.

    / sign means divide but u have probably used / instead of '.

    pls clarify

    also sir pls recommend some books free or paid both to start learning TA and trading as i am new. if u can pls send any good pdf books on
    any suggestions for beginners

  4. Hi Piyush
    Yes you are right I used "/" instead of writing "OR"
    Actually the right word that we should use is 14 "BAR" instead of 14 days or 14 period.
    But using the word "BAR" would have created a confusion in Rajagopal's mind in Illango's blog
    Ha Ha

    Regarding the approach to trading:
    Most important thing according to me is
    1) the checklist that will show you the path all along your trading career...check the download or checklist label for that.
    2)you need to read the book by William J. O'Neil - How To Make Money In Stocks-its not heavy duty technical stuff,a mix of technical and fundamental analysis,just tells you how to find multi baggers.The book is based on simple logic which is often ignored in the markets.
    3)Elder Alexander - Come Into My Trading Room
    it will help you adapt a disciplined approach to trading
    4)Jhon J Murphy - Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets will get all information about technical analysis and indicators
    TA is not perfect.Specially you can just get lost with indicators.Risk management and understanding market psychology is more important than indicators(these are my thought...people can differ on this). Realizing this aspect of trading will take a lot of time and effort.
    You can do a pdf search on google or use to find these books.
    Websites...I have added in Useful link in the blog.
    Good luck with your trading

  5. Hello Mr.Anuj, i have been following your blog from past two days and i have gone through your previous calls.I have been following a similar system (SAR) as yours from this site( from past two months.
    I have just compared the two SAR's and I am very happy that i have found your blog.Your SAR helps us retain the profits and enter at an earlier stage of the trend.
    From now on i will follow your system.
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Speedfreak
    Nice to know that you have benefited from the levels
    However I would request you to develop your own system and not just blindly follow these levels.
    Being a trend following system, this will perform badly in sideways markets and stocks.
    Best thing is to use it along with your own system.For example if your own plan is pointing to the same direction as the trend direction in the "market calls table".Then trade with heavy volumes other wise trade cautiously and with low volume.But always follow your own plan.Use this only a conformational indicator.
    Good luck cheers

  7. Anuj,
    where i can get Market call file or send me that to my ID(


  8. @Anonymous aka Ashok
    I calculate the trend manually by reading the charts, its not done automatically in excel :(

  9. Hello,
    Any support for commodity traders, if please reply me -