Download - Stock Screener based on Narrow Range Seven (NR7) Strategy

Continuing with the Narrow Range Seven (NR7) Setup, I have made this simple stock futures screener.

You can download it from here

How to update the data?
You need to follow the steps given under to update the data, to reach the desired results.

1) Download the end of day (EOD) data from National Stock Exchange site (
2)Copy the Stock Symbol, High,Low, and Close data from the downloaded file to the stock screener file, under the respective columns at the end of the file (select the appropriate cell the press Ctrl and Down Arrow to reach the end of file)
3)Then update the Date for current data
4)Once you have copied all the data with date at the end of screener file.You need to use the Filter at the top to sort the data
5)First sort the "Date" column, by using the drop down arrow and select "Sort Newest to Oldest"
6)Then sort the "Symbol" column by selecting "Sort A to Z" option
7)That will complete the process, the screener will show the stock futures which made the NR7 price bar today

To further arrange the data for your convenience you can uncheck  previous dates now and select only today's date
Similarly you can uncheck the "Blanks" option, withing NR7 column filter to get specific screened stocks only

Updating this stock screener is a little tricky, at least for someone who is new to Microsoft Excel.People familiar with Microsoft Excel will find it very easy.Once you get used to updating the data, it will not take more than 2 minutes to find stocks that are making NR7 price bar today.

A Few things to take care of :
1)Make sure that you always have at least 10 days data in this scanner because the scanner needs that much data to work properly.As you get the new data you can remove the old data so that the file size remains small.
2)Be very careful that date and stocks are arranged as per above steps
3)To check whether you have done all the things correctly.Always refer the stocks range for today it should be the least as compared to past seven days (including today).This should be done with the help of a chart.
4)As always ensure that the high, low data is not erroneous.Ignore the first minute data if you are updating the data manually.
5)The screener currently contains stock futures data as I follow futures only.You can make you own stock price database or track your watchlist only for NR7 Setup

If you face any problems using this screener you can send me a mail or put your query below in the comments section.Hope that you find it useful in your trading.Good luck

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  1. Thanks Anuj, keep continu good work...
    I hope you are fine and doing good...


  2. Hi Ramesh
    I am good ..hope you are doing great as well
    Thanks for support
    Good luck

  3. Great work....Anuj.Hope u r doing good.I have some queries reagrding above setup.If u don't mind can i have u r mailid.

  4. Hi Sekhar
    my mail id is
    anujjoshi.aj at gmail dot com
    You can find it in my google profile as well by clicking my profile picture above

  5. Hi anuj
    I liked TR NR7 xls sheet the most. pls suggest the easiest way to copy data from nse site to the xls sheet. I never used nse site for dnloading data. besides is there an easy way to get it done automatically to get desired signals ? do not want to do this work of dn loading etc. need ready made signals .

  6. @Manu

    If you need "ready made" signals may be using amibroker or metastock can help.You can take help from "mok" from uses amibroker,he might help you locate an AFL file for NR7.I dont use above softwares.
    Good luck

  7. What a marvellous job!!!
    Thanks Anuj ji!!!!!

  8. Great work Anuj,

    One question what is the difference between NR7 and TR NR7?
    I know what NR7 is but not TR NR7.


    1. Hey Mike,
      NR7 takes high and low data to calculate range, while TR NR7 takes "true range" of Welles Wilder to calculate NR7.

      Many times a large gap day you will see a narrow range intraday price action. Such days will be NR7 days(as high low range is narrow) but it will be ignored if you consider TR NR7 calculations (as true range calculates range using previous day close in large gap cases mostly). I use TR NR7. :)

  9. Hi Anuj,

    How can i use TR NR7 to initiate trades in stock or nifty?
    Can you guide me?

    Nilay Shah.

    1. You can check this article to get an idea about NR7 setup.

      Hope it helps :)

  10. How to get data from nse india,pls explain

    1. Ranjit, you can download the data from NSE bhavcopy file. Link below. Thanks.

  11. how to delete old data...deleting the row causes some ref error...hiding wont delete it... thanx

  12. Go to "Date' cell, click sort and choose "Sort oldest to newest". Delete old data as per your requirement.

    Then again sort by choosing "Sort newest to oldest" option

    Then Go to "Symbol" Cell then click sort choose "A-Z"