[FREE DOWNLOAD] RSI Indicator - Relative Strength Index Calculator

Hi all,
Relative Strength Index (RSI) is one of the most commonly used technical indicator in trading.
I am uploading Relative Strength Index (RSI) Calculator Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet below.

You can download it from here

Although all the technical charting softwares provide various indicators, but taking a closer look at how an indicator is constructed gives us important insights into the merits and demerits of that particular technical indicator.
Good luck

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Download :  Relative Strength Index (RSI) Calculator Modifiable (Research Version)


  1. anuj
    instead of having separate calculators for each technical indicator, if u can able to get it few main trading indicators in one excel sheet, it will be more useful and excellant tool...
    u can get open source code ta lib functions from web with example sheets to built.
    thanks n best rgds

  2. Hi Sriganeshh
    Honestly i don't like indicators while trading and analyzing.This calculator is just for academic purpose.I feel if somebody wants to trade use indicators a charting software like metastock is a must,excel cant be compared in performance with metastock in charting.
    Thanks for suggesting TA lib functions...i will search for it and see if something can be made,which is unique and simple in approach....other wise we already have charting softwares/websites with basic/advanced indicators
    Good luck

  3. Thank u anuj sir for telling abt rsi calculator. Still have a doubt.

    Anuj sir wrote

    And your understanding of RSI is correct
    RSI= 100-100/(1+RS)
    Where RS = (average closing price of 14 days/period of up closes)/(average closing price of 14 days/period down closes)
    Good luck ....Cheers

    Sir as per ur RS definition

    “RS = (average closing price of 14 days/period of up closes)/(average closing price of 14 days/period down closes)”

    U have probably used / instead of ‘ your formulas shud be

    “RS = (average closing price of 14 days’period of up closes)/(average closing price of 14 days’period down closes)”

    This is what ur xl file says / is also used for division.

    I am new to trading. Pls suggest some books to start with. If u have some gud free pfd books pls send me at piyush_sharda@rediffmail.com. Also pls suggest some other websites .

  4. Hi Piyush
    Yes you are right I used "/" instead of writing "OR"
    Actually the right word that we should use is 14 "BAR" instead of 14 days or 14 period.
    But using the word "BAR" would have created a confusion in Rajagopal's mind in Illango's blog
    Ha Ha

    Regarding the approach to trading:
    Most important thing according to me is
    1) the checklist that will show you the path all along your trading career...check the download or checklist label for that.
    2)you need to read the book by William J. O'Neil - How To Make Money In Stocks-its not heavy duty technical stuff,a mix of technical and fundamental analysis,just tells you how to find multi baggers.The book is based on simple logic which is often ignored in the markets.
    3)Elder Alexander - Come Into My Trading Room
    it will help you adapt a disciplined approach to trading
    4)Jhon J Murphy - Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets ..you will get all information about technical analysis and indicators
    TA is not perfect.Specially you can just get lost with indicators.Risk management and understanding market psychology is more important than indicators(these are my thought...people can differ on this). Realizing this aspect of trading will take a lot of time and effort.
    You can do a pdf search on google or use 4shared.com to find these books.
    Websites...I have added in Useful link in the blog.
    Good luck with your trading

  5. anuj
    was searching for technical analysis of financial markets printed indian edition...since i believe u r in delhi, mecca of publications, if u come to know anything about it, kindly let me know.
    I have ebook pdf version but my eyes gets stressed if i keep reading in the screen...
    tks n rgd

  6. hi sri
    yes you are right...even i hate reading on net or computer...
    the book seems very expensive


    try vision books...they might give you some information as well
    another alternatives to book is watching videos.. try informed trades...you will find all the related videos there...no stress to eyes

  7. Hi Anuj,

    I am new to the blog but I like the idea.

    One quick question .. is there a way to have the RSI graph in standard websites .. icicidirect (if you have ever used it) or google finance?

  8. @sauravmoitra
    Hi, "r m" has answered your query.