[FREE DOWNLOAD] Pivot Point Calculator for Intraday Trading With Support and Resistance Levels

Hi all,
Pivot point, support and resistance levels are closely followed by day traders/swing traders to initiate and exit trades
I am uploading a Pivot point calculator.

You can download pivot point, support and resistance calculator for intraday trading from here

You can change the values in grey cells and it will calculate the Pivot Point, Support levels(S1,S2,S3) and Resistance levels (R1,R2,R3)

I will discuss the strategies and problems associated with pivot points some time in future.

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Download : Pivot Point Calculator Modifiable (Research Version)


  1. hi anuj
    wow, you are a factory producing utilities for trade ...
    have a nice day.
    with regards

  2. how do u unprotect the worksheet to enter new values...it is asking for a password...


  3. Hi Sanket
    you can delete the values in grey cells and insert values as per daily prices
    Rest of the cells are protected ...so that it remains in a shape of a calculator.
    Hope it helps

  4. Hi Anuj,

    sorry to bother u again...but it keeps saying that all the cells (even the grey ones) are protected and keeps asking for a password. is there a password to unprotect the sheet? or any way around it.


  5. Hi Sanket
    I just downloaded the file from http://www.4shared.com
    I can easily edit the Grey cells and the calculator is returning values
    Try downloading the file again ...there might have been some problem when you downloaded initially
    Around 40 people have download by now ....i have received no message from anybody regarding this problem
    Hope that helps you

  6. There are thousands of useful Pivot point calculator softwares available in the web...I dont know why you are wasting your time in creating these calculators....I think you are trying to project yourself as a geniuss.....dont waste others time...

  7. Dear Anand Sir
    yes you are right...I never force you to download anything...