Free Download - Moving Averages Calculator Using Microsoft Excel


Following are the links to download the calculator for moving averages

Simple moving average - click here

Exponential moving average - click here

Article to follow by evening.


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  1. hi
    I received a comment that above links are not working,if any one is facing any problems do let me know ,thanks Bala and Mok for your feedback.links seems to work for me i have checked it

  2. Anuj,

    use to store your files or scribd forum which will save you from many troubles...
    see there marketcalls blogspot also..rajandran uses one box net something for storing ebooks..


  3. hi Sri
    actually what happened was some people experienced problem with the download, may be because of advertisement pop up or something.when i tried it was fine working fine and some people have downloaded it successfully when i check the files,I feel ziddu is quite popular with file storage so i selected that initially.
    i will surely check these sites that you have mentioned,to check what options i have.
    still working on content,i would like to add world markets and currency pair as well.And then start with regular post.
    thanks for your feed back.