Buy Only / Sell Only Watch List

I have created a watch list of stocks falling under two categories i.e "Buy Only" and "Sell Only".
The purpose of this watch list is to help us allocate money as per the underlying trending of the markets.
For example, if the market (Nifty) is bullish,we will try to find a buying opportunity from the "Buy Only" watch list and vice versa

How this watch list is created?
I have started to follow both fundamentals as well as technical factors affecting a stock's performance.
Stocks falling under "Sell Only" watch list have both bad fundamentals as well as poor technical setup currently.
I will try to update this list every quarter after the result season is over.

How to use this watch list with this blog?
As I track the markets on a regular basis and update short term trends via the "Market Calls Table".
I would request you to trade the "Buy Only" Stocks when trend is "UP" and trade the "Short Only" Stocks when Nifty's trend is "DOWN" as per the Market calls table
The Nifty's trend should only be used to establish a bias to trade either a buy only or short only stock.
Once a stock is selected you should just follow the stock's own technical levels to trade and not get bothered by Nifty's movement
Avoid selling "Buy Only" Stocks and dont try to bottom fish the "Sell Only" Stocks.
Of course the "Sell only" stocks can sometimes give better returns on a reversal than "Buy only" stocks but that will be like trading against a larger downtrend and bad underlying fundamentals.Opposite is true for "Buy only" Stocks as well.
As always plan your trades in advance and always keep stop losses.
I have selected stocks which are traded in F&O market and hence ignored the rest of cash market stocks.
You can check both the lists of stocks below.
Buy Only

ACC - Cement
Bajaj Auto - Automobiles
Bharti Airtel - Telecommunications
Hindustan Zinc - Metals
Indraprastha Gas - Oil & Gas
Larsen & Toubro - Engineering
Mahindra & Mahindra - Automobiles
ONGC - Oil & Gas
Sun Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceuticals
Tata Consultancy Services - Information Technology

Sell Only

3i Infotech - Information Technology
Development Credit Bank - Banks
GTL Infrastructure - Telecommunications
Housing Development & Infrastructure - Real Estate
Ispat Industries - Steel
Kingfisher Airlines - Airlines
Mercator Lines - Shipping
Punj Lloyd - Engineering
Reliance Communication - Telecommunications
Suzlon Energy - Power
TTML - Telecommunications

List Updated on 12 December 2010, Next update around mid February.

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    You should be happy to see the above post...
    1)Now you can cancel the order of specs and save a few bucks for the broker instead!
    2)The person with "good" sense of humor and the guy who promised 3.1 mbps and delivered 56 kbps both figure in "sell only" list.Is it revenge time? :))

  2. hi,
    good to see you in action again!
    you put a nice interesting analysis up here.. and the sense of humour is more than interesting!

  3. Hi Anuj,
    Nice comeback with a big bang!
    This is a wonderful approach.

    mmm... you have made the puzzle really quizzing by giving a choice of 2 :)
    about for whom 56kbps = 3100 kbps tolls.

  4. @Anuj and RM

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    I dont think hathway is here.rm will shed more light on this.

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  7. Thanks Sri once again for "insider information" wrt BSNL.

  8. @ Anuj

    1. My broker sends best wishes to you!

    2. Good revenge! I hope that BSNL lists soon, then we can put them also permanently on sell list to repay them for decades of suffering!

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    Hathway considers Dehradun too small for laying their cable network. The only local cable internet provider has extremely narrow bandwidth and broadest possible spectrum of viruses!

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    After BSNL's listing ,I would love to play short game with "three idiots"

  10. Do we have an updated list for Buy Only and Sell only?

    1. Hi Keerthi,
      No, I will do it shortly. If you make this kind of watch list do contribute here in the comments section. Thanks :)

  11. Right now I watch the stocks in FnO segment only. If per OI interpretation, I see some stocks bullish, I go for Buy only in stock and if bearish, I go for Sell only.

    I will start updating the list in this section.

    1. Buy Only Stocks For 27-APR-2012:


      Sell Only Stocks for 27-APR-2012:


  12. hi aj sir i hope ur fine,

    sir i am currency trader but i have a problem in finding when the market is buy on dips and at what level it changes to sell on rise pls share with me

    1. Hi Chetan, I am doing well :)

      Well it's quite simple. You need to know how you will define a trend. For example, if market is making higher highs and higher lows, we are in an uptrend and in this case you can buy the dip to a moving average or use oversold oscillator condition to buy, keeping the previous higher low as stop. Opposite in case of selling.

      "what level it changes to sell on rise pls share with me" - when the stop triggers it changes to sell on rises.

      So the key thing here is identification of a trend and taking any correction within that trend as an opportunity to buy on dips. Thanks