Backtesting results for SAR, Swing and Positional trades

As I have been spending time these-days back-testing and scanning for setups. I would like to share some results which a SAR, Swing and positional trader might find useful :

1) Don't take the next 2-3 trades after the system gives a "big profit" trade.Implementing this idea will significantly increase your "average profit per trade".

2) Trade in stocks which are showing momentum like stocks with have given more than 80-100 percent return yearly or showing better relative performance or stocks at 52 week high. Opposite for short trades.

3) Trade a trend from only one particular direction i.e "buy only" or "short only". Preferably "buy only" in bull market and vice-versa.

If someone wants to make things more complicated or feels lazy about doing their own back testing, she/he can read Quantitative Strategies for Achieving Alpha, by Richard Tortoriello, the book is more oriented toward fundamentals than technicals of a stock :(

Good luck with your trading.


  1. Hi Anuj!

    Thanks for sharing the results of your research. I hope that we can exchange good mornings regularly now. :)


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  3. @Anuj

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    Desi MO helps in keeping an eye over the broader markets and managing risk (in Shai's words.)

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  4. Hi Anuj,

    Hope this pause will shine your trades better :)

    Since you are in backtest, i beleive your foremost agenda would be reducing whipsaws.. This link from Mr.Sudarshan's blog will help incase you have not read it before.. thanks to him..



    Hi to you :)

  5. Hi good morning rm
    So what are you trading these days, futures or options? What do you think, are we in a bull market or a bear market?

  6. I trade futures intraday and sometimes buy options for carrying positions overnight.

    This is neither bear nor bull, just a dull market. :D

  7. Thank you r m!
    What kind of average Stop loss and target we get with intraday trades in Nifty, if we take a certain set of trades?

    Most people generally talk about a 20 point Stop loss and 30 as target, how practical is this "talk"?

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  9. I trade on vtrender2 taking advantage of their order analysis tools. However there is not much advantage in trading breakouts in Nifty. The failed breakouts far exceed the succesful breakouts, meaning that the trader will spend more on Stop Loss than the total earnings. BN is better that way, the breakouts generally give good yield.

  10. Hi Anuj,

    Hope this pause will shine your trades better :)

    Since you are in backtest, i beleive your foremost agenda would be reducing whipsaws.. This link from Mr.Sudarshan's blog will help incase you have not read it before.. thanks to him..



    Hi to you :)

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    r m don't wish to give an answer to my question, about a bear or bull market, may be the color of your avatar can help me resolve my confusion!
    keep posting more stuff :)

  13. // However there is not much advantage in trading breakouts in Nifty. The failed breakouts far exceed the succesful breakouts //

    100% agreed RM :)

    But as anuj said in his point #1 and 3, we should try to get away from false signals.. but I know how hard it is to apply practically..

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    RM is clever to cash-in consistently in either of the markets.. so, he doen’t bother to name it bull or bear mkt :)

    Bye.. catch u later :)

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    Hi....good morning

  19. hi anuj,

    it is interesting..can you provide link for downloading ebook ..
    it seems to be good one for fundamental picking like the one written by william o neil...
    on going through comments on amazon, wondering whether stock scanner as per parameters outlined in the book is possible in the indian context
    keep exploring ...

  20. Hi Sri Sri!

    Check out the above link, second download link should work.

    Reliable financial data is a problem in India.I don't think it will work for Indian markets as a quality screener is not there. This is one of the reasons why I trade/invest on technicals.
    But the book has some interesting data. If you find a good fundamental screener do let me know

  21. hi anuj

    thanks for the link

    free scanner based on fundamental data is very rare...if i come across anything, sure will let you know.


  22. Good evening, Anuj!
    Fantastic post and contents.
    FA is the best, when it comes from you and Sri.
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  32. Good Mornign, Anuj,
    here is a poem on options [lifted from web] with credit to the writer ...

    Twas third Friday Eve and all through the exchange,

    Traders checked on time value and profitable range.

    Those in the money were twinkling with glee

    As they counted their gains (less applicable fee).

    The cranky old pessimists, put buyers all,

    Heaped derision on every debit long call.

    And for those up the creek with nary a paddle,

    Expiration was near for the short-sided straddle.

    Many traders were left just scratching their head

    For the theory looked good for the dub-naked spread,

    But now those positions seemed not quite as funny

    With one side or the other now deep in the money.

    A cheerful lot they on the eve of the witch

    When options and futures cause many a glitch

    And while on the subject, forget not the dread

    In Reg T and margin (for more, see “The Fed”).

    Yet more of disclosures, important to note,

    That even on Christmas your profits don’t float,

    And those that you realize, remember the facts,

    Are subject to federal and state income tax.

    So many details to keep in relation

    To timing of close to avoid expiration.

    Advice at a premium that many will like:

    Remember proximity of price to the strike.

    So the OCC caveat rang loud in my ear:

    In this season be happy and be of good cheer,

    But remember, my friends, I cannot tell a lie,

    When trading in options, some risks do apply.

    © Michael C. Thomsett

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    I have stolen it from here and posted on google doc, the credit has duly been given to original thief. :)

  35. @moh

    Here is my contribution to this collection of poems! I am wise enough to steal from those who expired long back (Charles Dicken's "Pickwick Papers") hence no fear of being sued. :))

    Ode to an Expiring Frog

    Can I view thee panting, lying
    On thy stomach, without sighing;
    Can I unmoved see thee dying
    On a log
    Expiring frog!

    Say, have fiends in shape of boys,
    With wild halloo, and brutal noise,
    Hunted thee from marshy joys,
    With a dog,
    Expiring frog!

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    EOD and Intraday data in amibroker format upto 30th June 2011 loaded on

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  44. Apart from Yahoo, Google is there any alternative for online free charts?

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