Nifty & Bank Nifty Quotes Daily Update - 14 March 2011

Nifty Futures Quotes - March Contract
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 5575
Low risk entry : 5480
Target : 5355
Bank Nifty Futures Quotes - March Contract
Swing  : DOWN
SAR :11000
Low risk entry : 10880
Target :10620


  1. Hi Anuj!

    The road diggers took away part of BSNL Optical fibre and kept you safe from me all these days. :)
    By the way, what is the alternate broadband service you are using?

    And this one is for the data crunchers:

    I have loaded amibroker format data updated upto 11th March on rapidshare.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi r m !
    I was wondering what happened.Thought you were busy with photography or profile'o'graphy.

    Yes this sewer line work around the town, is creating more mess! My BSNL line was restored after nearly 1 month a few days back. Father had a hard time with out BSNL internet :(. I am using Tata photon, very slow (forget watching "you tube", but reliable for trading. If you are closer to the tower, it's better and being on the second floor or above helps too.

    While you were away I took the liberty to change colors of the blog! Snatched your chocolate away! :-))

  3. Good after noon Anuj bhai.

  4. @Anuj

    I tried Tata Photon + some time back but their tower close to my home was declared illegal and after that the bandwidth dropped to micro-band!

    I am waiting for the launch of 3G & Wireless Broadband by new players, hope there will be better choice available soon.

    re new colors of the blog, it is OK, I like black forest too. :)

  5. @r m
    "tower close to my home was declared illegal"
    Citizens and government of Dehradun will do anything to stop us from trading, after all they don't want us to go broke!

    I was told by a friend that there is a prepaid plan by Reliance wireless internet, you can perhaps keep that as an alternative to BSNL, that will save you from situation like this one and prepaid will ensure you dont get those monthly bills.Desperately waiting for BSNL's listing to go short!
    For short term trading we need good infrastructure at home, dual net connection or a customer service focused broker is a must..

    Lol @ black forest

  6. Anuj, Good morning!

    The blog link not updating problem will be solved by removing and including again the blog in the blog list.

    Its sometimes blogger template script problem,

    More than blackforest, now it is BlackCurrent + BlueBerry Mix. So nice.

    Keep smiling.

  7. r m, good morning!

    Thanks for Amibroker data.
    Can you give the January 2011 data links also please.
    Thank you in advance.


  8. Hi prabu,
    Thanks for suggestion, I tried that, but didn't work :(

    @r m
    you are also a team member of OJN
    Can you check what is the problem with the OJN link from my blog roll?
    Seems OJN blog feed is disabled

  9. Hi prabu!

    We believe in excesses, this data is from Mar2010 till 11Mar2011! The Nifty futures data goes back to Jan2008!!
    Still if you want only upto 31Jan2011 the links are:


    I was a member of OJN for sometime but then realized that I was too ignorant to contribute anything there except 'the grin'. :)
    The blog was managed by mok who got too busy in his profession so something may have stopped working there.

  10. @ Anuj ,

    Good morning,

    Thanks gor update.

  11. r m,
    Good morning!
    Thanks. My mistake, asking older file.
    Have a good trading!

  12. Anuj,
    Good morning!

    Alternate is to try after the Japan disaster internet traffic is over.
    And, if does not work, moving it to LinkList instead of BlogList.

    You are a wizard. You would know better.
    As in the ! in Quote.Com.

    Nice discussion at Vtrender & CreateUrWealth comments on Japan.

    Have a good trading!

  13. @ prabhu

    Link list idea is good, will do in case number of blogs increase in my list. Problem with link list is that it will not update the links like the "blog roll" as and when a particular blog is updated. Will not see the title of the latest blog post as well in the "link list" as compared with the "blog list" gadget :(
    Not much of problem for me just need one extra click to access blog after that error page.But I am not able to see when OJN is updated by "Piyush" and "Dear Mynac" :(

    "You are a wizard" mean using the exclamation mark in for continuous futures chart?

    Do keep me informed with any kind of discussions and just post the link directly in the comments section here, if you find any interesting article.Now I will see what Sri Sri Sriganesh and Viren and Shai Bhai have to say :-)

  14. @ Anuj,

    Good morning,

    Your SAR lvl in bank nifty 10880 resisted bank nifty @ 10878 :)

  15. Another "BHOPU" pattern ,and just see how many stops get triggered (volume spike)in nifty futures at 5515 level

    I wonder who is making money :(