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This blog's primary objective is to help traders discover their own style of trading and become consistent in their performance.The blog will also provide information on finance, trading, commodity, loan, currency, insurance, mutual funds and tax related problems.

Most of the posts and updates will be regarding trading (online stock, index, commodity, currency). My trading methods are based on short term technical analysis. I prefer to participate in the market as a swing trader. The blog would highlight the current swing direction with specific entry and stop loss levels.

Please read the disclaimer before you make a financial decision based on any information presented here.

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  1. AJ,
    Downloaded the NR7 calcualtor and got it going too!
    Need to learn more about NR7, specially its application techniques. Please suggest reading ..

  2. @Real Pilot
    You can get all the details from Toby Crabel's book , Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout. Enjoy learning from the book.

  3. gm, visting ur site first time.
    what appealed me to write this somewhat of ur frankness in stating that u have not traded the stocks stated in watchlist though it has made some incredible returns in a bearish phase of 8.5%. forget the shorting side. none short for 11months not practical . still u went on to say that investing is tough than in paper. that i liked it. u could have taken the whole credit of the gains in a bearish mkt.
    god bless u .
    what is ur email id
    jacob mathew kuwait

  4. @vachas
    Hi, thanks for visiting.
    It's easier to fool the world but impossible to fool oneself.
    I want to be a successful trader than an analyst. We need to assess the results practically.

    Email id is anujjoshi.aj@gmail.com, alternatively you can find it in my profile.