The Holy Grail of Trading: a roadmap to trading and investing

Hi all,
Well this is my first post regarding trading and this is my first blog as well.I have been trading / investing in Indian Stock Market for about three years. So speaking purely in terms of years I am quite new, but I have been trading, following the market daily and have put in tremendous amount of time on daily basis close to 10 hrs and sometimes even more.

Over the years my way of trading has changed immensely, I started with fundamental analysis then moved to pure technical analysis, but now I am using both fundamental and technical analysis in conjunction. However my short term analysis and trading decisions are based on technical approach.

Enough of information about me (that’s not important anyways) now let’s come  to the main topic “the holy grail”. No I am not going to tell about any magic indicator or any specific parameter to use or a time frame for consistent trade (Sorry to disappoint a few people who were expecting that but trust me what I am highlight here is better than indicators).Instead of that I am going to present a checklist of various experiences that you will have in your quest for becoming a consistent and a successful trader

The credit for highlighting these points goes to a person by the name “jaydaraniya” in icharts forum. I have just made the points in the form of a checklist so that readers can find it easy to assess  where they currently stand in their  development as a professional trader. I have added a few pointers here and there but tried to retain the content as it is.

You can download the Excel file from this link. 

How to use the checklist?
Six types of traders or we can say six board stages of development as a trader are mentioned. You need to find first where you actually are, once that is known you will know what challenges you will face in coming time, knowing that you are better prepared to face the obstacles. It will be like what a map is to a sailor. Once things become clear, you will enjoy your voyage around the trading world

I would like to say thanks to “jaydaraniya”, his article completely changed the way I approached trading and I am quite certain that it will have an immense impact on others who will follow the checklist and work towards the final goal of being a consistent trader / investor.

Good Luck.

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  1. Thank You Anuj.
    God bless/touch wood I have been a moderately successful trader so far with about 30% ROI for the year. Still feel the cutting edge is missing.
    Warm regards,
    S Rajagopal

  2. Hi Rajagopal
    nice to see you here
    30% ROI!!! thats better than mutual funds if they know that you can do that you can be a fund manager!!,yes but you want more-we will want more.

    The above checklist is very helpful ,it will help you find your cutting edge.

    keep that attitude going "I am no better than You. But I am too thick skinned to accept defeats and shame."

    Hard work always works!!

  3. hi,
    i find that you are very passionate about trading and this is one thing i quite admire! i wil be following your blog and hope it benefits me along the way..
    thanks and good wishes

  4. Hi Shazia
    thanks for your visit and feedback
    i hope to work on trader's development once i finish with regular blog post (i still need to add forex calls,may be by next week)

  5. Hi Anuj,

    Thanks for wonderful blog.

    I am glad I stand somewhere in the third to foufth stage. You are doing a great job.


  6. hi Naveen,
    thanks for your appreciation,
    now that you know where you stand your next step will be easy and you will enjoy it too,all the confusion about the next step will just vanish,
    Good luck

  7. Traders are taught that the Holy Grail to Investing doesn't exist. Real people were taught that all the planet's move about the earth, don't go to far out into the ocean(you'll fall off the earth), on and on..........

    When one looks outside the box(inventor), goes against the group(thinks for self), said they found(developed) something that is supposed to be impossible(airplanes), they were once killed. Now these people are called bad names and delegated to be unheard, and ignored group.

    The ultimate business solution. The ability to cut the cost of any business expense, or just plain invest.

    I developed multiple arbitrages that enable me to trade(not invest) in the finacial markets, without risk(The Holy Grail to Investing), or arbitrage that anyone can do. Over 30% a year.

    Thomas Adair

  8. Hello friends, please find an updates for my trades + a Sai baba bhajan, since its a Sai Vaar today

    Happy sailing