Nifty & Bank Nifty, Technical Levels For Swing Trading, Update - 22 November 2012

No changes

Nifty Spot Rates, Technical Trading Levels
Swing : Down
SAR : 5650
Low risk entry : 5590
Target : 5520

Bank Nifty Spot Rates, Technical Trading Levels
Swing : Down
SAR : 11500
Low risk entry : 11350
Target : 11130


  1. I will be going out of station, will be back by 2nd December, till then I will not be able to update the blog....

  2. sir my possitin short side 11550 bank nifty level what i am do sir please Tel me

  3. I have returned back, I will take some time off from blogging. I will be traveling again in January. I will continue to respond to emails :)

  4. do your blog up to date
    be care full sir can i take short or buy position
    what i am do .si

  5. @sahera md
    I am not available for sometime. You can take the help of trading community at

  6. my mobile number.....+9198 486 486 02
    sms me market up or down I follow you sir
    your mobile number give me sir
    my name is sulayman sir

  7. @sahera md
    I don't provide any kind of SMS or telephonic help. Please take some time to learn about trading. There is a lot of information available on internet for free. Don't force yourself into trading if you don't have interest to learn about trading or investment.

  8. kindly check mail,if have face any difficulty to start program
    let me know the error so i can rectify it

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  10. Dear AJ,

    When u'll start updating yr blog ?

  11. @soumen
    I don't know, I don't think its of much use for the visitors.

    I am busy with backtesting and finding new setups. I like research more than discussing, teaching or even trading. Also working on my own trading performance specially on trading discipline. Over the years I have felt that I have lost more due to switching systems and indiscipline than any other thing.
    Good luck :)

  12. Dear AJ,

    Noted. Yr's case is exactly similar to mine. I'll keenly await for yr comeback.