Nifty & Bank Nifty, Technical Levels For Swing Trading, Update - 15 November 2012

Nifty Spot Rates, Technical Trading Levels
Swing : Down
SAR : 5750
Low risk entry : 5700
Target : 5630

Bank Nifty Spot Rates, Technical Trading Levels
Swing : Down
SAR : 11720
Low risk entry : 11570
Target : 11330


  1. Hey AJ!

    I have a question for you .. As an introduction to myself .. I will not say I am new to trading. But I will say I am still learning. I only invest my time and money in equity-delivery market for two reasons:

    1. I only understand equity - I have not invested time in understanding derivatives of any kind.
    2. I take delivery because I do not have time to follow the market in office.

    Off late, I see that almost everybody I find online is investing in derivatives and not directly equities. And I do not understand the reason why.

    I am inclined to understand what am I missing. I am also inclined to learn. Self-learning is a tedious job.

    I will be thankful if you can throw some light on my question.

  2. Hi My Trading Chronicle,

    Let me tell you why I trade derivatives. Here are the reasons.

    1) I can trade both long and short, that makes trading one of the few "recession proof businesses" [Provided one has a profitable system ;)]
    2) It is much easier to trade index than individual stocks, individual stocks tend to be more volatile and prone to accidents.
    3) More liquidity, so you get low slippage.
    4) Leverage, less money is required to take a large position.

    Thanks :)