Nifty & Bank Nifty, Technical Levels For Swing Trading, Update - 17 July 2012

Nifty Spot Rates, Technical Trading Levels
Swing : Down
SAR : 5290
Low risk entry : 5240
Target : 5150

Bank Nifty Spot Rates, Technical Trading Levels
Swing : Up
SAR : 10550
Low risk entry : 10640
Target : 10880


  1. Hi AJ,
    If you r online,i have certain doubts...can u clarify


    1. Hi Suresh,
      I am available, you can post your query here or send me a mail.

  2. Hi AJ, the queries are all silly...
    1)can the change in volume without change in price of any stock considered reversal in trend..Also
    2)if in downtrend, if the volumes are increasing,that would mean someone is buying and hence can it be considered as inrease in momentum downside...

    1. The queries are not silly but difficult!
      I don't pay attention to volumes at all :)

      Some thoughts.
      1)"the change in volume without change in price" - This would usually happen during change of ownership or a stake sale from one person to another. I don't think it makes any kind of sense, because what is happening is one person is bullish and other person is bearish on a stock or business. Most people will generally wait for a price movement away from this high volume bar and trade in direction of that trend. What I can't understand, if you what price confirmation, why not follow only price?

      2))"if in downtrend, if the volumes are increasing" - That is usually considered bearish or panic selling. When there is expansion (price moves drastically compared to recent range) you will almost always see a rise in volume. Volume is nothing but a pick up in trading activity. That can be because of dramatic price movement in short period of time or a stake sale kind of scenario.

  3. Thx AJ, Yes..i follow only price..but volumes too call the shots in some situation..

    working on some new models on the old methods..
    Anyway thanks..will disturb you often..hope u dont bother..