Nifty & Bank Nifty Spot Rates, Technical Swing Trading Levels Daily Update - 20 March 2012.

Nifty Spot Rates Technical Trading Levels
Swing : Down
SAR : 5430
Low risk entry : 5320
Target : 5220
Bank Nifty Spot Rates Technical Trading Levels
Swing : Down
SAR : 10780
Low risk entry : 10420
Target : 10100


  1. wud b nice if you could also post the outcome of the trades at EOD.

    1. Hi Anonymous ji, above trading levels are not for intraday so can't updated EOD.

      It's for two kinds of swing traders, one the breakout swing trader using "SAR" level, and the other, pullback swing trader using "low risk entry level"

      SAR would usually give 2000-2500 points in one year, I guess. Without using any filters or money management rules.

      One can get some idea of the past performance by checking the label "Indian Markets Calls" above comments section.

      If you want, you can track EOD performance and update here, as you trade the levels, I would love to see that, it will help to optimize the system.
      Thanks :)

    2. Hello AJ 'ji'. The name is Namita. Sorry to have missed that in the previous comment. I am a newbie to the market so dont understand too many 'jargons'
      Well i would keep tracking your post.