Day trading setup - Stock Screener result based on Inside Day & Narrow Range Seven (NR7) Strategy

This is probably the first time I am uploading the list of stocks that made the Narrow Range Seven (NR7) day setup along with "inside day" pattern. Check out the list below.

Above stocks traded in the smallest range today compared to past 7 days including today. I have taken the futures data from NSE, so please verify the above results with intra day charts. The list is arranged in descending order of turnover of a contract. These stocks might be good for day trading tomorrow, as today's price action will appear as a contracting triangle on short term charts, especially the stock that made inside day pattern. As these stocks are exhibiting range contraction, one can expect the range to expand in the short term, that is the basic assumption of this setup.

You can track your own list of stocks using the screener that I have uploaded before, visit the link below for a detailed post on how to update the screener file.
Download - Stock Screener based on Narrow Range Seven (NR7) Strategy

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