Strategic time-out !

I am putting a hold on daily updates for some time. Honestly speaking, I am not satisfied by the returns "the trading plan" is generating. We are losing out quite a bit in sideways market conditions and trends are simply too fast and without any retracement to give a "low risk entry trade". I am planning to working on certain things and will try to incorporate filters specially to communicate to readers "when not to trade". At the same time I will see if I can find an alternative strategy / setup that can be included in the blog. I will be spending some time backtesting various setups etc. This is just a plan of action for me for some time, I am a bit bothered by trading in general :(

Thanks and good luck with your trading.


  1. hope you get to fine tune your trades, and make up again..
    Look forward to your return. :)

  2. Dear Anuj,
    to say i am greatly impressed with your service and non stop work for a long period.As we all know so far the strategy was very profitable more time during trending market condition and very lossable in sideways condition.I hope that fine tuning is must for optimal result. Best wishes dear.I hope you will retun soon with such tunings.

  3. @RAJA
    well as you must be knowing that the levels were planned keeping short term (Less than 5 days price trend in mind). One easy way is to trade only in the direction of intermediate momentum / trend direction. So it will be like taking only the short signals and ignoring the long signals as per current market conditions.And again switching back to two way SAR trades once we get conformation that base has been made.But all these assumptions need to be objectively defined and tested with some past data.

  4. I was thinking to suggest if you can study patterns made in cyclical bear markets, in a structural bull market. Maybe it might help.

  5. @Shaz
    Thanks, can do.. but that will be useful for a really long term analysis of markets and investment purpose.Structural bull market and cyclical bear markets are quite subjective terms I guess.How to objectively define them is quite important.

    If one studies a weekly chart you will see that counter trend rallies(down move in bull market) tend to be short and sharp in nature. Opposite in case of bear markets.
    Is that what you mean by patterns?
    Please keep suggesting various short term setups that we can test and apply in our trading :)

  6. yes, I meant exactly that, by patterns.
    I have noticed your swing trading patterns, it is only to catch beeg moves.. So it got whipsawed in this sideways and weak markets.. This is more like a confused market. Up one day and down the other day. No continuation seen in trends.
    I think we should keep very tight stop losses and short targets as well... What say?

  7. "I think we should keep very tight stop losses and short targets as well... What say?"

    How much is a very tight stop losses and short targets in term of points in nifty?

  8. I said very tight because your swing targets are usually a little over extended, so if it could be contracted just a tad bit.. And the range as well..a little narrower perhaps.. Just a suggestion.. You know better..!

  9. @Shaz
    Sure, thanks for the suggestion, I will see if that is possible.

  10. Hi Anuj,
    Will visit soon... ...
    By then u wud hav sorted things out.

  11. Hi mo h, :)
    I enjoy reading blogs/pdfs more than putting up a blog post!

  12. Dear Anuj,
    "Honestly speaking, I am not satisfied by the returns "the trading plan" is generating."
    I like your frankness.But..could not understand"when not to trade".... because as far as I have seen in last 12-13 yrs..there is not any "that" kind of certain period...on the contrary only your experience & knowledge tells you or at least suggests you when not to trade...for me lack of discipline is the main cause behind our wrong timely trades.At least I found it that... this was the main reason for me earlier...Everyday... compulsion by oneself by himself for trading something is also another reason...If... if you will sit in front of screen for not to trade then you can see market rather impartially...and then the certain moment comes there ...that our inner voice & the knowledge tells us or gives the and so going to happen....only that time just place the order button... and as you are mentally prepared for the trade you can wait for your trade to go by your way...

  13. Hi Mynac,
    Nice to see your comment :)
    By "When not to trade" I meant trading in the direction of intermediate trend and not trading the corrective move.Of course, what is "intermediate" and what is "corrective" is subjective thing and that needs to be quantified.

    I am planning to take only one way trade i.e "buy only or short only". Basically, reducing the trades on one particular stock. While at the same time expanding my reach across markets by screening for more stocks.So that the number of trades don't drop beyond a certain limit.Let's see this is just an idea need to give it a shape.
    Hope I have not confused you!

  14. Hi Anuj,
    Sorry, late reply ... I am on blog only when get these hour break rarely...

    Yep, can see your point of view since i too am like that basically.

    But, i have noticed your site reference at various pages elsewhere when i search for something or other.
    So, keep your posts coming when you have something for us. Else we lose getting a share of your knowledge :D

    Have a great season, pal.
    WIll send you some good reading materials whenever i find one,
    after my immediate commitments & deadlines are over.
    Takecare, Bye!!

  15. Hi mo h,
    Thanks, sure will start soon...

    Do send all the reading material that you find interesting or just post the direct link here for everyone.