Nifty & Bank Nifty Quotes Daily Update - 12 May 2011

Nifty Futures Quotes - May Contract
Swing : UP
SAR : 5465
Low risk entry : 5530
Target : 5650
Bank Nifty Futures Quotes - May Contract
Swing  : DOWN
SAR :11200
Low risk entry : 10980
Target :10720


  1. Anuj,

    Good morning,

    Thanks for update.

  2. Good Morning all
    @r m
    how long you have been trading/investing?

  3. @Anuj

    Began dabbling in IPOS in 2004, slowly migrated to shares. Trying to not to lose money in fno since 2009!
    Normally failed traders become investors. This one is different - a failed investor trying to learn trading.

  4. did anyone try using working with the UK market ? I know/heard they cover the US market but not sure about the euromarket.

  5. @r m
    That's a good experience.
    I think you trade in options regularly.
    I was backtesting some data about option premium.
    I came to a conclusion that it was better to sell option premium than buy for positional option trades.
    What is your experience with this?

  6. @Anuj

    My trading experience with options has been a "dukh bhari kahani" but that may be because I was a buyer all the time!

    I did a screening of past three years data on option premium and found out that if one sold a strangle at beginning of expiry and went to sleep till expiry, one would have ended up with a decent 20% annual returns on maximum margin required. This period included the steep fall in 2008 and vertical climb in May 2009 when supposedly the writers went bankrupt.

    Just goes to show that tortoise always win the race ultimately. :))