Nifty & Bank Nifty Quotes Daily Update - 10 March 2011

Nifty Futures Quotes - March Contract
Swing : UP
SAR : 5410
Low risk entry : 5500
Target : 5650
Bank Nifty Futures Quotes - March Contract
Swing  : DOWN
SAR :11150
Low risk entry : 10880
Target :10620


  1. Good evening Abhishek and Surendra
    What is keeping you guys awake ? :)

  2. Dear Anuj,
    Good Morning!
    Your Sar mentioned is 5410, and Ilango's Sar is 5477. What could be the possible reasons for such large diff.
    Am + from 5510 yesterday.
    Much Thanks

  3. Hi Anuj & all friends,
    Good morning.

  4. Good morning friends ,

    Have a profitable day.

  5. @ Balvinder
    "Manzil ek rastey anek!" :-))

    I generally use important "price pivots" (not pivot points) to find a stop loss, and I dont know how JNSAR is calculated , however J10 SAR is a 10 day EMA. EMA moves with time however if you use price pivots, they move with changing price structure in a chart (refer Ilango's price cluster theory). That's why there is a difference.

    Another point could be a difference in time-frame, I might be looking at slightly longer time frame while Ilango's system could be slightly shorter time-frame.

  6. Good morning Anuj Bhai.

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