NSE Index Near Term Technical Views - 21 February 2011

Nifty Futures - February Contract
Swing : UP
SAR : 5400
Low risk entry : 5480
Target : 5580


Bank Nifty Futures - February Contract
Swing : UP
SAR :10750
Low risk entry : 10950
Target :11280


  1. Thanks Anuj, sent u a mail... have u checked ?

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    Good evening,

    Thanks for update.

  3. Good evening all :)

    Finally replied to your mail!

  4. Dear Anuj,
    I just addressed to Dear piyush sharda,& posting here the same,for your guidance,because for me the up swing is now over or likely to over ...

    Nifty closed well below 200 DMA & if it shall try to go up then it shall not be very easy journey too.

    The entire roll over for Feb NF was between 5620 & 5850 & it never crossed 5600 in this series.It touched 5175 & bounced back up to 5589.i.e. 414 points from it's recent low.Means one thing is very much clear that the hopeful longs if there are any who waited for 5620+ are yet trapped and unlikely to get exit with profit.
    On the other hand who are/were long,when NF crossed 5200 are/were in huge profit so will/have sell/sold out.
    On Friday one thing is clear that considering the expiry & the remained huge NF O.I. to get squared off it is very tough for Nifty to cross even 5550 for this series.On the contrary,bulls shall start or have started to squaring off here to book their profit/loss & so only,from here,not bears but bulls are likely to pull Nifty below 5400 from here onwards.So I will remember your following...
    "The trade should be to sell on rallies and see reaction of 5400 supports"is important at this point.

    On U S Market front,as Dow has run extensively from last few days,it is likely to take rest now & if it shall... then Nifty's reaction shall be very interesting.

    So let us see.Thanks.

  5. Thank you dear Mynac for sharing your views :)

  6. Hi : The SAR levels shown are on the basis of dailies right?

  7. @KRG
    What do you mean by dailies? Please elaborate...

    SAR levels should be initiated during intraday trading.They are base on recent price action.
    Check out the posts under "Important post" section on the left side.

    Hope that helps :)

  8. GREAT WALL OF CHINA = SAR :). What a bounce back Anuj !!!

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    Bach gaye!,I was sitting on the edge of my chair,now preparing the bed for an afternoon nap!

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    Thank you vj, you know how to use it, I mess it up most of the time :)