NSE Index Technical Levels Update - 04 February 2011

Nifty Futures - February Contract
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 5580
Low risk entry : 5500
Target : 5380

Bank Nifty Futures - February Contract
Swing  : DOWN
SAR :10800
Low risk entry : 10600
Target :10320


  1. Gm anuj SAR so near yet so far...& gm rm + kya?

  2. @vj

    Hi,some times I don't get bothered by SAR level as well,I can see that you are quite interested in buying.If we buy at SAR that will lead to a bad entry on the long side.
    One can plan an early entry on the long side at appropriate levels, keeping in mind that we are trading against trend and just anticipating a reversal.What are your thoughts on this?

  3. Anuj, so what u r trying to convey is if we cl above sar today, better wait for low risk entry the next day?

  4. vj
    If a SAR is triggered,we dont get a low risk entry for few days(if the trend is strong) as everybody covers and take new positions in the direction of new trade.

    It is better to position yourself before a SAR triggers, by anticipating a reversal.Of course it has it's own risks and that is not easy.

  5. So anuj now what wil b d sl for intra on breach of SAR? Bn high 10798 :)

  6. :)
    Well it's almost triggered.One can plan long trades,the reason I will not take long trades on breakout is that that trend on daily charts still remains firmly down.
    So will wait for pullbacks (LRE) to initiate trades :)
    Nifty missed the SAR by 4 points a few days back!

  7. n BN by 0.05, gut feeling both nf n bn will break SAR together :)

  8. @vj
    Gut feeling might be turning bearish? :)
    Longs can be created around 5455 (if that level comes) with 5400 as stop.

  9. Bachgaya!
    That should completes exactly 1 month of Nifty being in a down trend.Stop was triggered on 5 January @ 6110


    :) Very few could sit tight all this while!

  10. BN SAR from 0.05 miss to open price 10620 :)

  11. @vj
    :) person who has placed that stop loss and went to work,would faint when he sees that his order still holds with profits!

    "Longs can be created around 5455 (if that level comes) with 5400 as stop."

    Tough to place a buy order at this time?

  12. Gone below 5400 :( wont see uptrend soon I guess

  13. yesterdays low broken, what a swing. SAR ka dewana bana diya Anuj, 5380 almost achvd.

  14. Dabbang effect on Nifty: Nifty hum tum mai itne ched kar denge ki tum confuse ho jayoge ki resistence kaha se le or support kaha se.

  15. @r m
    "Bhaiya ji smile!"

    6110-5380= 730 points, one trade (still open)in one month :)

  16. @Anuj
    That trade will make any one smile.

  17. seen first time this blog ..look good..will meet u on monday