Indian Markets Futures Trend Update - 28 January 2011

Nifty Futures - February Contract
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 5800
Low risk entry : 5720
Target : 5600
Bank Nifty Futures - February Contract
Swing  : DOWN
SAR :11200
Low risk entry : 10980
Target :10650


  1. @ Anuj,

    Good eve,

    Thanks for update,i close my LONG position in
    morning @5685 & open short @5685 same,you are in SHORT or LONG now?

    from last 3 days some posted msg. has been deleted?or any problem ,because after 15 min.same nsg. cant seen on BLOG?

    Thanks .

  2. @abhishek
    I am trapped in a Long now,paying for trading against the trend :(

    Some messages are going to spam box in blogger, I don't have any restriction on the blog,your messages should be published straight away.Please make sure that you have your blogger profile updated or consider making a new account,that might help.

    I don't delete any message unless they are outrightly abusive or spam

  3. Hi Anuj & all friends,

    Good morning.

  4. Good morning ANUJ bhai.

  5. Anuj bhai,
    Same problem of messages in last week
    i checked my profile updated but now last message could see otherwise some messages may gone in spam box.

  6. Hi Anuj and all blog mates,

    Good morning

  7. Hi Anuj and all blog mates,

    Good morning.

  8. Good Morning all,

    I have cleaned the spam box,all comments published...
    Abhishek and Subash,there were not comments from your id :(