Indian Markets Futures Trend Update - 25 January 2011

Nifty Futures
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 5800
Low risk entry : 5740
Target : 5620

Bank Nifty Futures
Swing : UP
SAR :10680
Low risk entry : 10920
Target :11280


  1. Anuj & all friends,

    Good eve,

    Thanks for update.

  2. Good morning all..
    Intra day opportunity should be there today after the credit policy announcement.Trending intra day moves possible.

  3. @ Anuj

    Good morning,

    booked long @ 5780,intraday trade done.

    lets see RBI policy ?

  4. Good morning ANUJ,

    Your SAR of nifty save from 4 points,do you think that we can change our position to long Or wait for EOD ?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. @abhishek
    We are in a sideways channel for last many days
    Intraday range of 14 January is still holding,trade the range
    Buying can be done at lower levels 5730 (if it comes)

  6. @ Anuj,

    ok,thanks a lot for your guidance.

  7. @all
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