Indian Markets Futures Trend Update - 17 January 2011

Nifty Futures
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 5880
Low risk entry : 5780
Target : 5620
Bank Nifty Futures
Swing  : DOWN
SAR :11150
Low risk entry : 10880
Target :10350


  1. hi anuj,
    ur sar and volatility is interesting. i actually use sar. but what i know abt ur sar is that it is discretionary where u use certain ingredients (disclosed) in a secret way :-) to bring sar.
    for jio sar users which is use of 10 ema as sar. how will volatility be relevant. suppose the example u gave. the short call was closer to top so u increase position size as compared to long call which was far frm bottom. suppose the long call turns more profitable then? can u give any example how sar users can make use of volatility
    in skipping trades/position sizing. volatility can be measuerd in vix/atr. how can j 10 sar (10 ema sar)/psar/5sma sar users use vix to position size?

  2. anuj what i remember is u have started doing fundamantal analysis too. can u tell me where i can find earnings data for stocks. i am interested to know p/e p/b div/yeild for past 15/20 years for some stocks. for nifty its there in nse site for earnings its not there. where to find it??

  3. @Piyush
    you can check the following post regarding SAR

    Regarding Fundamentals
    Reliable data is a big problem in India.I use fundamental analysis just to scan stocks for investments or the "buy only / sell only " watch list that I made.You can find somewhat reliable data from this site

    Date is generally available for the past 5 years
    Nifty EPS you can find by dividing the price with PE,both you can find from PE archives

  4. Good eve.


    Thanks for UPDATE.

    I sold 2nd lot @ 5661.15.

    Now only 1 lot remain...will hold up to SAR hit or as per your instruction.

    Thanks a lot.

  5. @abhishek
    You mean you covered a short position @ 5661.15?
    if that's the case,it's great trading once again from you

  6. Good Morning,
    Yes i covered short position @ 5661.15 & one lot balance :)

  7. Good morning,

    Anuj Bhai.

  8. thanx anuj. i am yet to corelate atr with sar.