Indian Markets Futures Trend Update - 05 January 2011

Nifty Futures
Swing : UP
SAR : 6110
Low risk entry : 6150
Target : 6230
Bank Nifty Futures
Swing  : DOWN
SAR :11956
Low risk entry : 11780
Target :11540

ICICI Bank  Futures
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 1158
Low risk entry : 1135
Target : 1101


  1. ANUJ SIR,

    Good Morning,

    Thanks for update.

  2. Good Morning all.

    Yesterday SAR was triggered in ICICI bank,I would like you to compare this breach of SAR with previous ones.Can you spot the difference?.This one breached with a lot of momentum as well as prices went well beyond the SAR level itself.Prices should move strongly when SAR breaches and not show lack luster movement when SAR triggers
    This point should be considered when taking a "SAR breakout trade".Prices should move quickly in your favor.Or else chances are high that it will be a whipsaw.
    Hope it helps.

  3. Anuj sir,

    Yes,yesterday it was breached with a lot of momentum,2 days back you told here Mr RAJA as icici bank SAR hit but BANKNIFTY didnt lost of momentum and it was in uptrend.
    Yesterday i trade *1) LONG with NIFTY @6154.30 & exited early @6189.45. *2)In ICICI bank Short after breached SAR @1129 ,SHORT @1128.50 but as usal exited early @1121.70.After i cover SHORT ICICIBANK gone down & down as it was waited for my cover the SHORT.

    Thanks a lot for your guidance.

  4. @abhishek
    We never get a perfect entry or exit.Every trader will always complain about that, and find some reason to feel disappointed.I generally do the opposite of what do with your trades.I hold a trade for too long and give back a substantial portion of profits :)
    You are doing very well.Even if you exit early you are very consistent.All the best.

  5. Anuj bhai,

    Niftyfut. low 6117 if SAR hit of 6110 what wiil be SL ? can we keep SL yesterdays high?

  6. Anuj bhai,

    Thanks in advance.

  7. @subash123
    Yes that will be good....yesterday's high
    If we get around 6170 today that will be a good level to short as well.

  8. Anuj Good afternoon,

    As per your SAR method is AXISBANK FUTR. in SHORT below @1340 ?, just for learning.


  9. @amruta
    I am currently not tracking Axisbank.Sorry about that....

  10. @abhishek
    We never know how steep or shallow the fall will be
    Hope you dont get out early this time :)

  11. Anuj Sir,

    Yes i SHORTED @ 6110. And will wait till SAR hit.