What is the average profit per trade of an intraday Nifty trader?

I think I am asking again :)

Any idea what is the average profit per trade of an intraday trader?

For example if an intraday trader takes 3 trades, makes a profit of 20 points on all the three trades, his average profit per trade would be (20+20+20)/3 = 20 points per trade.

If another one, takes 3 trades like win 20 & 20 on first two and lose 10 points on the 3rd trade. His average profit per trade would be (20+20-10)/3 = 10 points per trade.

Another example of a trader, win 20, lose 10 and 10 His average profit per trade will be (20-10-10)/3 = 0 points per trade.

I would request traders and readers to please tell what is the average profit per trade of an intraday Nifty trader? This will help in setting the right expectation for our intraday trades, and one can plan the trades, the right way.

As per today's levels a trader would have made approximately 80 points from peak to trough (5740-5660) and approximately easy 50 points (5740-5690) if the position was squared off close to end of the day

So do you feel 50 point per day per trade is fine for intraday, at times we may not get the profit the same day but that's never the intention, as these are swing trading levels. If we get more than 50 points, we should be out of the trade end of the day (EOD)?What is your opinion?



  1. @ r m
    Looking forward for your opinion.Hope you can share some facts from your own experience (or Google search),just for benchmarking purpose.

    We were discussing Low Risk Entry yesterday,what is your opinion on above topic?

    I am not asking for your personal records but in general what you have experienced or heard.My personal intraday trade record is very inconsistent :(

  2. Anuj Good eve.

    My self doing intraday trading with 2 lots , 1 lot exit @15/20 points & rest hold for up to end.

    In intraday 50 points its FINE i second you.

    As today Shorted @5738.15 exited @5721.00 and 2nd trade shorted @ 5736.75 exited @5708.55.


  3. @abhishek
    thank you for your observation and opinion

  4. I feel with intraday trading we will make our broker rich. Whether we make profit or not but our broker make 100% profit.

    If we can manage to get 100 points per week positional that will be great.


  5. @Chenna
    Nice to receive your comment,
    100 point per week quite reasonable expectation.We can always increase our volume(for our weekly profit target in terms of money) once we arrive at a reasonable return expectation rate from the market.
    Thanks once again for your opinion.

  6. Hi ANUJ,

    Good morning,

    In intraday trading i use DAY pivot/ sup/ res and if i get around 50 points in a WEEK its FINE for me.


  7. @amruta
    Thanks lesser the expectation easier to reach the target and be satisfied with it..

    Average weekly profits (in terms of points),will help me modify the strategy and suggest a "high probability setup" as per the need of majority of people...So do post your opinion.

  8. ANUj & all friends,

    Good morning,

    For intraday weekly MP (MARKET PROFILE) values are using for trading.

    Around 80/120 points WEEKLY can earn in nifty.

  9. @Anuj

    So far I am not qualified to comment on this post. However I can surely contribute if your post is about "Average losses per month"!

    Best regards.

  10. Thank you Chintamani and r m

    @r m
    Thanks for highlighting a "closer to reality" picture.Wondering that everybody else has some sort of a "Ponzi agenda" ?

  11. @Anuj

    Or maybe your blog is visited only by successful traders, me being the only exception!

    More logical explanation will be that losers seldom open their mouth.


  12. I set 20points on my trade each day and 3 trades a day when there is enough opportunity. Thus giving me 15points and 5points to the brokerage.
    I dont cut profit but keep trailing with risk ratio of 1:2.
    Hope it helps for your average analysis on intraday.

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  14. @futureimpact
    Thank you for sharing your opinion about trading and the blog's layout.

    First about trading...
    So average profit per trade would come close to 15 points per trade assuming all trades are profitable and no trade gives more than 20 points profit.Approximately 225 points in a week (15*3*5).That is a good return.What is interesting is that although many people may say 15 points is too less as average profit per trade.Most important point is that you are able to take 3 trades per day.Therefore it is the ability to take 3 trades that emerges as the ultimate winning strategy in this case on a weekly basis.

    Now regarding blog
    "it was little or less ad"
    In the previous layout there were no ads.

    Why ads?...Poor trader is finding it difficult to earn a living from trading :D

    When I had put up the ads on the previous layout there was this huge vertical scrolling involved, as my posts are generally small,but a large number of links and archives increasing the length of the home page.Therefore,I took this new blogger template option of increasing the width and distributing the links in three areas rather than one previously.By doing that I have reduced the vertical scrolling by half.(this was some sort of achievement till I received your comment!...just a joke :D)
    Regarding color,I have vested interest in keeping "rm" happy with this favorite chocolate color.I wont get up to trade if his "good morning" greetings stops.

    Agreed that I have got horrible sense of color and layout,I should perhaps leave blogging and trading and become a fashion designer instead!.With your feedback,I am super confident that I will be successful ! :D

    Sorry about this over dose of PJs

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