Commodity Futures Trading Analysis Report - 21 January 2011

Gold Futures - February Contract
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 1379
Low risk entry : 1359
Target : 1341

Crude Oil Futures - March Contract
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 93
Low risk entry : 91.2
Target : 89


  1. Hello sir, I have a doubt, your calls in Commodity futures are in USD$. How do we trade it. Can we trade in US markets? My account shows MCX rates (in Rupees) How do we interpret it in Dollor vs INR. I am very new to this commodities market and all these years i have spent trading in NIFTY & Equities and following your blog from couple of months. Please guide me. Please forgive my ignorance.


  2. Hi Ravi,

    "Please forgive my ignorance".Even I am ignorant about commodity trading in India. :)
    I personally have a commodity account and would like to trade crude and gold in rupees.I have been following crude and gold prices along with EURO/Dollar,US UK markets etc since July 2008 I guess.

    This blog is not limited to Indians.Everyone across the globe can participate and benefit form the information presented here.

    It's still early days for me when it come to trading MCX,while I am quite used to NYMEX Trading and price behavior therefore the information is in USD.

    Regarding MCX,I can't find any IEOD charts related to MCX{(free ones ;)],I have just started getting intra day charts (2days back) in my broker's terminal (indiabulls) I am quite excited about MCX these days (primarily because of its timings and flexibility it offers).

    I am closely observing crude oil prices,I can see close relationship between international crude price and crude in INR.Check how both fell simultaneously yesterday and triggered a trend change.Trend should be more or less the same and levels can be planned accordingly.

    Some websites offer Forex trading and CFD trading and commodities. I don't know if that is allowed or not.

    If you have some information regarding MCX and commodities related websites and blogs do share it here.I am currently using I-Charts EOD along with broker's charts to begin my quest with trading crude and gold.Still need more information....

    Good luck and thanks.