Commodity Futures Trading Analysis Report - 10 January 2011

Gold Futures - February Contract
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 1385
Low risk entry : 1375
Target : 1354

Crude Oil Futures - February Contract
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 90.70
Low risk entry : 89.20
Target : 87.10


  1. Hi,
    Good morning - ANUJ

    I am new for goldfutures & crudeoilfutures let me know what technical parameter you are using for swing trading?


  2. Hi Amruta

    Now this is the best part of technical analysis.You can switch to any financial instrument without worrying about it's fundamentals.

    All you need to do is adjust your parameters.
    For example if you are trading Nifty which trades for 6 hrs 15 mins and international crude oil market trades for 24 hrs which is approximately 4 times.If currently you use 15 mins chart try to use 60 mins chart (15*4) for crude

    For Examples,if you use oscillators you will not have to adjust the parameters, the change in time frame will take care of that.So one would use same RSI 14.

    It all depends which technical indicators you are using for swing trading.I should rather ask you "let me know what technical parameter you are using for swing trading?" :)

    Crude oil market generally moves big time on US economic news releases.If someone is only trading during that time she/he will use much smaller time frame to trade.So it all depends.....

    I have never understood why people write books/websites dedicated to currency or commodity futures.If one is using technicals it's just the same usual boring stuff! :)

    Hope it helps.Good Luck

  3. Hi ANUJ,

    *SWING TRADING*i am learning from you , so new to this type of trading & trying to understand how technical parameter to apply for same.
    Thanks for reply.

  4. @ Anuj,

    Good morning,

    Thanks for updates.

  5. Anuj bhai,

    Good morning.

  6. ANUJ,

    I am hold SHORTS of NIFTY-FUTURE with you from 6110.00 if you find to part book please post the message.

  7. @abhishek
    Yes one should part book,I did early on :(
    Now the sentiment is completely bearish,should take the low risk entry trade for better trade entry.

    What's the risk? can still go down on panic selling!.We never know where the base is.

  8. OK,
    Booked 1 Lot @ 5850.30
    Balance 2 holding.

    Thank you.

  9. @all
    We are making new lows every day for the past 5 days.Markets needs to first stop falling before we can initiate buying.There should be some signs of base formation(eg,lows holding or range contracting) before we take longs.
    Its always difficult to trade both at higher and lower end of volatility.Trade as per plan.

  10. Hi Anuj,

    I exited early in NIFTY,

    But your technical analysis/ SYSTEM of SWING TRADING is MIND BLOWING.

    Banknifty from SAR 11640 --- cmp ..10901 /++ 700 points down!!!!!

  11. @amruta and subash 123

    I have expressed my opinion in this new post

    Thanks :)

  12. ***The early bird catcheth the worm ie success comes to those who prepare well and put in effort.***


    Well said.

    Thanks .