Indian Markets Futures Trend Update - 13 December 2010

Nifty Futures
Swing : DOWN
SAR : 5940
Low risk entry : 5873
Target : 5740
Bank Nifty Futures
Swing  : DOWN
SAR :11615
Low risk entry : 11450
Target :11050

ICICI Bank  Futures
Swing :DOWN
SAR : 1130
Low risk entry : 1110
Target : 1060


  1. Hi Anuj

    Now that you are back, it is time to have some green color in the markets!

  2. @ r m
    Sabhi gaon walo ko mera salaam namaste!
    Nice to see you here.I visited your blog yesterday night,to see what you were busy with.Dont see your "early morning greetings" on Just Nifty,I hope the neighbor's rooster is doing okay!
    Now I can join you in giving weather updates to Mok and company.
    I am quite frustrated with internet service in gaon.Had BSNL here,taken Tata Photon as well.Both are not good specially after 6 PM.I remember you had some issues with Tata before.How do you manage your trading? Just with BSNL now?.Do let me know if some new operator start better service here in gaon.
    I have changed the format of the table above,your favorite color(Green) and my favorite color(Red symbolizing "falling" in love & markets)will not be visible.We should perhaps wear the respective shades and enjoy.
    Cheers :)

  3. Hi Anuj

    Aha! So you are back in the gaon! Wonderful!

    Broadband services have gone real bad here. BSNL has still the best bandwidth though it mysteriously goes down without warning and BSNL guys (or gals) are clueless about it. But they have gone better at PR, so when you complain, they assure you of sending someone to look into the problem, the promised help never arrives though!

    I tried Tata Photon, it was good for first three months (maybe I was the only subscriber then!) but soon the available bandwidth dropped to 56kbps at times. So got it disconnected.

    Reliance has launched its CDMA based mobile broadband recently but my past experience with Reliance does not encourage me to try that. (The guy who named the company sure had a good sense of humor!)

    I have not tried Sify so far, the user reviews about Sify I read on the net are not very encouraging.

    I am praying that the companies who won the 3G and broadband spectrum auction launch their operation soon, then perhaps we can trade in peace - stop loss is not the only trouble for online traders!

    It is a good idea to leave the color of the post to the reader's imagination, I have ordered two pair of specs with red and green color glasses to take the appropriate view!

    I hope that you are enjoying the cold weather!

    Best regards.

  4. hi,
    Red denotes falling in love and falling markets, thats a good metaphor..
    RM's joke about wearing glasses of red and green cracked me up (rofl)

  5. @Shazia
    It's very difficult to win the
    "war of words" with "rm" :)