Indian Markets Futures Trend Update - 29 October 2010


  1. Anuj,

    I have seen that your levels seem to be good. Can I ask what's your basis for arriving these? - Unless its proprietary/confidential :)

  2. Hi Girish
    Nice to see your comments here,you are quite active in Viren and Shai's blog.
    Regarding levels I feel they are not that good.And I personally have not traded well.I think it depends how an individual trader use the information,probably you know better how to use these levels(to time your entries and exits),while I still struggle.

    Above two posts you have the details about the levels and how to use them.

    These are short term levels.The key thing is to identify day's range and manage your position with respect short term trend.I am sure you are good with that already.Specially with your open interest skills.

    Do share how you use them or any particular strategy around these levels that you use.

    Good luck...Cheers.

  3. Thanks man!

    I will take a look at ur links.

    I have been looking at the ICICI bank levels and they seem to have played out well in the past few days. Its just that ICICIBANK has whipsawed a lot around your SAR levels few times. The extremes (range) for ICICIBANK are captured well in your system.

    For Nifty I follow Market profile and VWAP for supports/resistances.

  4. @Girish
    Yes after a great run in September we have seen choppy markets,specially during Coal India IPO .Unless one's entry is good,it would have led to bad exits.Trading must have been tough for a majority of people.
    Cheers mate!

  5. Hi Anuj,

    after a long time, I wrote a new post on my blog - on the topic of use of technical analysis in portfolio management. thought you might be interested. thanks ... best wishes ....

  6. SOM
    Thanks...for telling me about the post...I will check it out soon.Feel free to post a link as well in future