Nifty & Bank Nifty Quotes Daily Update - 15 April 2011

Nifty Futures Quotes - April Contract
Swing : UP
SAR : 5750
Low risk entry : 5860
Target : 5980
Bank Nifty Futures Quotes - April Contract
Swing  : UP
SAR :11540
Low risk entry : 11720
Target :12000


  1. @ Anuj,

    Good morning ,

    Thanks for update.

  2. Anuj,

    Updated in midninght @ 1.22,
    busy with guests:)

  3. Good Morning folks!

    Hi Anuj, please take care of real guests first, virtual guests won't mind waiting. :)

  4. GM Anuj,
    Is the update correct? An error in hurry I think.Plz correct the target value.

  5. @ RAJA,

    I think some typo err in nifyfuture target *5780 it should be *5980*, otherwise its OK :)

  6. Hi good morning all
    Correction made as suggested by "abhishek'!,apologies for confusion.

    Which guest is real and which is "narial" is a difficult puzzle to solve!

    I have created a short position in BSNL (disconnected the landline with net), this is called "a pre-IPO placement"! :D

  7. @Anuj

    "Surreal" was a word quite fashionable during my college days but "Narial" is a lot better!

    BSNL appears to be a "Rakshasa" when it is not working. But whenever it works, that 4mbps speed has no peers.

  8. Thanks Anuj, spending quality time with ur guests :)

  9. Good morning, Anuj!
    Had a break, so thought will come here for Kitkat

    no, i wont be able to ...
    that smilie face is here already, he will snatch it.

    Catch up with you soon.
    Have a nice season, and profitable trades.

  10. Hi mok/moh
    Hope you had a nice break.Yes, no kitkat here...rm has had all of it!
    When will you start with ojn again?

  11. Wow, kitkat! That surely is lot more interesting than those dry indices and their futures (and past)!!

    A kitkat a day keeps the undersigned away. :)

  12. Hi Anuj, RM,
    Guys, not sleeping yet ...
    Anuj, you are doing a marvellous job here.
    No, this break is only mostly this evening.

    Other times when i get sometime i try adding and improving some values to OJN. But not consistent.

    mmm.. any Kitkat, should not remove the wrapper.
    RM cat will sniff it out even if its kept in the middle of Ganga or Yamuna.

  13. @mo h
    That makes sense (for a change!), my village is exactly between Ganga & Yamuna. :)