Commodity Futures Trading Analysis Report - 04 February 2011

Gold Futures - March Contract
Swing : UP
SAR : 1320
Low risk entry : 1338
Target : 1362

Crude Oil Futures - March Contract
Swing : UP
SAR : 88.9
Low risk entry : 90.10
Target : 92.90


  1. Anui,

    For Commodity Futures Trading i cant under stand
    CMP rate as you mentioned so tried from RKGLOBAL,
    Crude Oil Futures - March Contract... CRUDEOIL 21-Mar-11 LTP rs-4292 1BBL.

    May i reuest you plz let me know is your CMP rate is in USD ? if yes so how we can trade in crudeoil in INR ?

    Anuj i am new For Commodity so plz help me to understand .

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Anuj,

    For Commodity from which broker you are trading?
    i have A/C with R K GLOBAL.


  3. Hi Abhishek,
    These levels are as per NYMEX prices i.e in dollar terms.
    I don't have access to charts in INR and I have followed these markets for the past 2 years.
    I have an account with Indiabulls good service but horrible charts :(
    Crude oil gives very good intra day trading opportunity.I am not trading commodities currently,just analyzing.

  4. @ Anuj,

    Good eve,

    Thanks for reply,i have icharts will you give me some parameters so i can study for CRUDEOIL /Gold.

    Thanks ones again.

  5. @ Abhishek
    Well you can use the same parameters that you use for Nifty.Crude oil gives better moves in the evening when US markets opens.

    Check "US Economic Data Calender" link on the right side of post under "Useful Links".
    Economic news release and crude inventory data news release create a good intra day opportunity.

  6. @ Anuj,

    OK, Thanks, will try it.

    good night.