Morning Update

Asian markets have opened lower taking cues from US market's trading on friday and that will also affect the opening moves in the Indian markets as well.US markets are closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Follow the "SAR" and try to trade as per the Market call table,with a gap down low risk long positions can be created provided the index/stock trades above th "SAR" and profits on short positions can be booked closer to "target" levels and re-entry can be made on intra day up move for tomorrow.

Intraday moves offer low risk entry and exit to the swing trades 

Hope everyone has a good trading day ahead


  1. Hello Anuj , I read your Calls on the Share Market and feel really good because the way you have presented the information on the chart makes it quite easy to understand things and set the Intrday targets while Trading. Good Work , Keep It Up.

  2. Hi Aryan,
    thanks ,nice to know that you find the information useful
    which markets do you trading by the way?
    and what's your style of trading ie positional,swing,or day trading?